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Within you lies the strength to overcome any challenge. Believe in your power. 🌟💪 #DareToRisk #CEDavisMD

Monday Motivation | November 27, 2023

Take the leap, go a little too far, and discover the incredible distances you can travel. 🌟💪 #PushYourLimits #DiscoverYourPotential

Mysterious respiratory illness spreading to dogs across U.S.

A mysterious respiratory illness is infecting dogs at a worrisome rate and veterinarians are now scrambling to better understand the possible “bacterium pathogen.” Vets say the suspected bacterium can quickly progress to pneumonia and severe respiratory distress. Read More:

Monday Motivation | November 20, 2023

Passion and dedication go hand in hand. To achieve greatness, love what you do and be ready to make sacrifices along the way. 💪🌟 #FollowYourPassion #AchieveGreatness

WHO updates guidelines on treatments for COVID-19

WHO has updated its guidelines for COVID-19 therapeutics, with revised recommendations for patients with non-severe COVID-19. This is the 13th update to these guidelines.  Read more: