Motivational Monday

A gentle reminder that progress, no matter how slow, will eventually lead us to our goals.

Monday Motivation | August 7, 2023

Remember, it’s often in moments of daring that we find our true potential and discover what we’re truly capable of achieving. #EmbraceRisks #DareToRisk #ChaseYourGoals #MotivationMonday

Monday Motivation | July 31, 2023

Let’s make it a daily habit to embrace fear, embrace uncertainty, and embrace the possibility of greatness that lies on the other side. #EmbraceTheUnknown #DailyChallenges #PersonalGrowth #MotivationMonday

Monday Motivation | July 24, 2023

Life is a grand adventure, and by embracing it with an open heart and adventurous spirit, we create a meaningful and fulfilling journey. #DaringAdventure #EmbraceUncertainty #LiveLifeFully #MotivationMonday #CEDavisMD

Malaria in the US: Should Americans be worried about rising cases?

Most Americans don’t worry about malaria. The disease has largely been a thing of the past in the United States for two decades. That’s why reports of several new cases of the mosquito-borne illness in two separate outbreaks in Florida and Texas has garnered recent headlines. Read More:

Monday Motivation (July 17, 2023)

The path to success is rarely easy, but the rewards are worth it. Let’s embrace the journey, learn from our challenges, and never give up on our dreams. #EmbraceGrowth #Persistence #Resilience #MotivationMonday #CEDavisMD

WHO reports dozens of babies sickened by deadly viral infections

Infectious disease experts in the U.S. report a slight rise in enterovirus infections among newborns. They urged pediatricians and families to watch for rare side effects.   Read More:

Monday Motivation (July 10, 2023)

Let’s learn from the bad days and use those experiences to become stronger and wiser. And let’s cherish the best days, creating memories that will last a lifetime. No matter the circumstances, every day has something valuable to offer.

Malaria detected in the southern US for first time in 20 years

Malaria has been identified in the southern United States for the first time in two decades, according to health officials, raising concerns about the spread of the disease in the region. The discovery highlights the need for increased vigilance and prevention measures to combat the reemergence of malaria in the US. Read more:

Motivational Monday (June 26, 2023)

By pushing through our fears, we often discover inner strength and achieve incredible things. So, don’t let fear paralyze you—do it afraid and watch yourself grow and thrive. #FearlessAction #Courage #EmbraceFear #MotivationMonday